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January, 2016

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Star Chasers was a passion project for Artak Avakyan who wanted to make a game for his 8 year old son. It is a level-based 3D action adventure runner that progresses with every level unlocking new challenges, player abilites and powerups.


When Darkness failed to destroy the stars, instead the stars fall onto earth. Star Chasers must now rescue the fallen stars and return them to where they belong before Darkness and his minions collect and destroy them. The players will sprint through the city rooftops, perform amazing acrobatics, battle through obstacles, and take down enemies while rescuing as many stars as they can.


  • 40 Fun-filled Levels! - Progress through many exciting and challenging levels with new mechanics, obstacles, and objectives.
  • Play With Friends! - Challenge your friends to see who can take the top spot as the best Star Chaser.
  • Characters With Unique Abilities! - Some characters possess special unique abilities such that double jump or warping through obstacles.
  • Ride On Your Enemies! - Land on the Flyer (a specific type of enemy) and ride on top of them to gain speed, take down other enemies, and break through obstacles.
  • Throw Stars! - Throw stars at enemies to knock them down or break through obstacles.
  • Unique Encounters! - Battle through a lightning storm or struggle out of sticky traps.
  • Star Speed! - Charge your Star-speed Meter as you rescue the stars and using it strategically to zoom through any obstacle and complete the level.
  • Powerups When You Need Them! - Use your powerups anytime you need them.
  • Learn About Star Constellations! - The game progression map is an accurate representation or our star constellations. As you progress, you will uncover and learn about many of these constellations.
  • Cool Acrobatics! - Performing all sorts of incredible moves such as stomps, split second evades, vaults, wall-runs, swings, etc.
  • Beautiful Audiovisuals! - The game is crafted with gorgeous environments, charming characters with high quality animations, and beautifully composed and orchestrated music.


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Awards & Recognition

  • "One of Top 10 Games" Global Top Round, May, 2015

Selected Articles

  • "At first glance it is unfathomable to think that a game of this quality game from the mind of a single man! However, with only a vision and an outer-worldly amount of Motivation Lightbound Studios has managed to craft one of the best runners I've ever played! Lightbound studios is definitely one to watch out for in the future, and 2016 will be the year of the Star Chasers!"
    - PreLaunch.me, PreLaunch.me
  • "Star Chasers is an imaginative, colourful 3D runner with all of the style and feel to transport you to another world! Action packed, this isn't your average running game."
    - Global Top Round, GTR

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About Lightbound Studios

Lightbound Studios is a small indie game development studio located in sunny Los Angeles, CA. It houses 3 bright individuals with 29 years of combined game industry experience.

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Star Chasers Credits

Artak Avakyan

Robert Litton

Nick Reyolds
Additional Environment Artist

Michael Biancalana
Additional Character Animator

Young Choi
Additional Character Artist

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